Health Council Range of Services

All of the local health councils do the following:

  • Develop a district area health plan that permits each local health council to
    develop strategies and set priorities for implementation based on its unique
    local health needs.
  • Advise the Agency for Health Care Administration on health care issues and resource allocations.

  • Promote public awareness of community health needs, emphasizing health
    promotion and cost-effective health service selection.

  • Collect data and conduct analyses and studies related to health care
    needs of the district, including the needs of medically indigent persons, and
    assist the agency and other state agencies in carrying out data collection
    activities that relate to the functions in this subsection.
  • Monitor the onsite construction progress, if any, of certificate-of-need approved projects and report council findings to the agency on forms provided by the Agency for Health Care Administration.
  • Advise and assist any regional planning councils within each district
    that have elected to address health issues in their strategic regional policy
    plans with the development of the health element of the plans to address the
    health goals and policies in the State Comprehensive Plan.
  • Advise and assist local governments within each district on the
    development of an optional health plan element of the comprehensive plan
    provided in chapter 163, to assure compatibility with the health goals and
    policies in the State Comprehensive Plan and district health plan. To facilitate
    the implementation of this section, the local health council shall annually
    provide the local governments in its service area, upon request, with:
    • A copy and appropriate updates of the district health plan;
    • A report of hospital and nursing home utilization statistics for
      facilities within the local government jurisdiction; and
    • Applicable Agency for Health Care Administration rules and calculated need methodologies for health facilities and services regulated under F.S. 408.033 for the district served by the local health council.
  • Monitor and evaluate the adequacy, appropriateness, and effectiveness,
    within the district, of local, state, federal, and private funds distributed to
    meet the needs of the medically indigent and other underserved population
  • In conjunction with the Department of Health, plan for services at the
    local level for persons infected with the human immunodeficiency virus.
  • Provide technical assistance to encourage and support activities by
    providers, purchasers, consumers, and local, regional, and state agencies in
    meeting the health care goals, objectives, and policies adopted by the local
    health council.
  • Provide the Agency for Health Care Administration with data required by rule for the review of certificate-of-need applications and the projection of need for health services and facilities in the district.


In addition, local health council members of the Florida Association of Health Planning Agencies, Inc. provide the following services across all 67 Florida counties:

  • Community Health Needs Assessments to meet the IRS 990, Schedule H requirements
  • Statewide and regional health planning and utilization research
  • Health-related enterprise development
  • Program development and implementation
  • Education on health care and population health outcomes
  • Solution-driven convening strategies to address local health issues
  • Health Impact Assessments - urban planning and the built environment